Peter Obaigwa

Peter went to tailoring college for three years when we finished secondary school, and someone helped pay for college because they saw his potential. After college he was hired by the government to be an instructor for Industrial Management but he was not happy there. He continued to sew throughout his time as an instructor. He then moved to accounting and with his strong sewing and accounting background one of his customers brought him to Nairobi and they established a tailoring business together. He has worked for this person and their clients for the last 20 years and still works for them today.

Peter ObaigwaHe is appreciative of the individuals help but he would like to go into business for himself because up to this point the person who helped him has been benefiting from his work rather then himself. His workshop is not much bigger then your average bedroom which limits his workspace and ability for his business to grow. He also has a heart condition and throughout the years this has really hindered his work and has caused him to spend much of his income on medicine. Woodsmoke partners with Peter to help him grow as an artist and improve not only his life but also his living conditions in Kenya.


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