Bringing Woodsmoke to the West

Woodsmoke is the love, longing, and pull that Africa has on our hearts.  Woodsmoke is the smell of Africa just before a heavy rain, the never ending sunsets, and the wildness and freedom that only Africa can offer.  Woodsmoke lives in us and will keep pulling us back to Africa.

We have started a new business that will distribute Hand Made African products to customers within the United States. A cornerstone of Woodsmoke is its emphasis on giving back to the African artists and communities at a grassroots level, so these margins will remain in a reasonable range. This grassroots giving back will include helping the artisan to start his/her own business and get fair prices for the products. We want to showcase the artisan and give him credit rather than ourselves so that he can eventually start his/her own business-we are there to facilitate this process.  Our goal is to give the artisan the credit by supplying you with the story of who made the product, how it was made, and how it is helping the artisan for you to buy the product. Our goal is to leave a piece of the African Woodsmoke with our customers.

We will offer many forms of art, crafts, and African textiles: oil canvas paintings, bowls, Mali mud cloth, Kuba cloth, wall hangings, Nguni cattle rugs, Zulu baskets, Kenyan scarves and handbags. We are always on the search for new products and will be introducing new pieces to the market on a regular basis. Besides just physical products, we are also selling the African cultural experience. This will be displayed through our employees, store atmosphere, interior design, and website-the Woodsmoke of Africa. We have the pulse of Africa in our business and this will be relayed through everything we do.

All Woodsmoke products:

  • Are Handmade unique African pieces
  • Are crafted by African communities where great care is taken to support the artisans
  • Give credit to who the Artisan is and how he/she makes the product
  • Made from natural ingredients and materials that do not harm the environment
  • Provide the Artisans family with their basic needs: food, water, medical and school

Siyabonga (we thank you),

Sean Coetzee (President) & Wesley Meredith (Co-Founder)



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