Trip to South Africa Begins

This morning started off extremely early to begin my trip back to South Africa, 2am to be exact.  I guess when you are getting a free flight you can’t really complain can you.  The flight to South Africa is quite a beast to say the least.  It is roughly 32 hours of travelling time from door to door depending on your connections.  There is a straight flight from Washington DC to Joburg that is 16 hours long with no stops.  I am writing from the DC airport and am about to embark on my 16 hour journey.

The reason for this trip is to meet with upcoming South African artists.  The next four days consist of going to the South African Handmade Collection show, visiting the Mandela Museum in Soweto, and having talks with the South African Department of Trade and Industry to find ways that we can promote South African artists.  I will then head down to Durban to meet with more of my artists and have a safari at Umfolozin Game Reserve to get some of the African Woodsmoke back in my veins.

I will be blogging everyday about my experience in South Africa and will be taking photos.  You can follow me on this blog daily.  Spread the word to your friends.



Back to Africa

Back to Africa


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