First Day in South Africa

Today was my first day in Joburg.  Joburg is in the center of South Africa and is a bustling city filled with opportunity and vibe that only an urban African city can have.  It is the wealthiest city in Africa and there is business being done here like not many other places I have seen.  It is alive with opportunity and development before the World Cup descends upon the it next year.

Today was the first day of the South African Handmade Collection Show that we attended.  It is a show that is put on by the South African Department of Trade and Industry and features crafters from all over South Africa.  At the show you see incubator projects with the poorest of the poor to established businesses that already have a strong following and a world market.  It is extremely interesting to interact with these crafters because many of them come from very rural areas and this is their first trip to the city.

I am not going to lie when I say that the jet lag hit hardcore today but I feel as if the worst of it is over and tomorrow will be a better day.  South Africa is 7 hours ahead of the Midwest and therefore it messes up your internal clock pretty badly.

I have added my photos from today and would like to share them with you.

Please follow me the next few weeks while I journey throughout South Africa and blog about my many experiences.




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