A Visit To Soweto

Today we went on a tour of Soweto and visited Nelson Mandela’s first house.  If you know anything about South African history then you will have heard of Soweto and how the riots of 1976 played a pivotal part in our history.  Soweto is a township just outside the city of Joburg.  In 1976 high school students rioted because of having to take their exams in Afrikaans.  The riots started off as peaceful but became violent when the police shot a young boy named Steve Biko.  These riots got attention from all over the world and this was a huge turning point in South African history.

We also ate a traditional meal at a local restaurant in Soweto.  The food was great – lots of meat and carbs.  Some local dancers came by and did some gumboot dancing for us.

Here is a video of the dancing to watch:


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