Zimbabwe Artists

Today was a great day.  I met  new artists from Zimbabwe, they are a married couple, his name is Jorrum and her name is Andra.  They both live in Zimbabwe and come down monthly to South Africa to sell the most beautiful wooden salad bowls.  They spend most of the month in South Africa and then head back to Zimbabwe for ten days at a time.

Zimbabwe is an extremely beautiful country that has been called the bread basket of Africa.  It has amazing infrastructure and is teeming with wildlife.  The only problem is that Mugabe has destroyed the country in the last 10 years and left millions starving by his dictatorship political strategies.  Zimbabwe used to have amazing arts and crafts that came out of it but lately very little is found there.  The bits you do find are extremely unique and are sought after pieces.

Andra and Jorrum make different sized salad bowls out of Rhodesian Teak Wood.  Woodsmoke will be working with them and helping to support their business.  They also have a child whose name is Sean, funny that is quite a coincidence.  In the next few years we will be looking at helping to put Sean through school and support him financially.  It costs about $600 a year to put an African child through school for a year.

and Woodsmoke wants to put our artists children through school.  We are just beginning this project but are extremely excited at getting at least one child through school for next year.




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