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On September 3rd Woodsmoke was featured in the Tins and Treasures blog. Here is what they said:

Things in my House Thursday
In June, I showed you my lovely birthday gifts from my family and friends. As promised, I am elaborating on the Salad Serving Set that I received from our daughter Amy. I knew in an instant that this was not an ordinary set…this set is handcrafted from olive wood, grown in Kenya. The handles are inlaid with cow horn, adorned in traditional African designs. Amy purchased this with the help of one of her friends that she met during her UNL undergrad years. This salad fork and spoon set was handcrafted in Kenya…and sold under the name Woodsmoke. This purchase actively supports an African artist and her family. The design illustrates the love, the longing, and the pull that Africa has on our hearts.

Olive Wood Salad Spoons Kenya

Olive Wood Salad Spoons Kenya


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