Woodsmoke Internship

Woodsmoke is offering an internship that will change your life!  We are looking for a creative, motivated, and fashion-orientated student that wants an internship with meaning behind it and the chance to be a part of something great.

The intern will be involved in sales, marketing, brand strategy, fashion design, and the possibility of staying on with an exciting new company.  The intern will be exposed to how a start up is run and will learn what it takes to start their own company one day.

It costs only $450 to put an African child through school for a year, 5 percent of every Woodsmoke purchase goes to this amount.  Giving an education is the ultimate gift to an African Child.  Education gives him/her the chance to a brighter future.  EDUCATE FOR CHANGE IN AFRICA.

Sean & Sean

Sean & Sean

Woodsmoke will be starting interviews next week.  To set up an interview email your resume to sean_coetzee@hotmail.com.  To find out more about Woodsmoke go to www.africanwoodsmoke.com

Live. African.


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