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Education is a privilege in Africa.  Here in the West we take it for granted that we are able to go to school and be educated.  This is not the reality in many countries throughout the world and is definitely not the case in Africa.  For an African child it is a major opportunity to be educated and go to school.  Without an education you have little chance to getting out of the starting gates in this game called life.  Education provides hope and opportunity to a brighter future for that child.  Over the last year Woodsmoke has noticed that there is a huge need for education in Africa.  Here at Woodsmoke we have decided to go a step further than support our artists, we have decided to help put their children through school.  Many of the artists struggle to afford schooling for their children and we want to step in and give them hand.

It costs only $450 to put an African child through school for a year, 5 percent of every Woodsmoke coffee purchase goes to educating our farmers’ children.  Buy some great coffee today and help us give our artists children a chance to a brighter future.  To purchase Woodsmoke Coffee click here.

Sean and Sean (Artist's Child)

Sean and Sean (Artist's Child)

Woodsmoke is bringing high quality, freshly roasted, and socially conscious coffee to the United States. Our coffee goes beyond fair trade – it is about relationships. We are working directly with our farmers to improve their farming practices and their lives. Woodsmoke is offering Kenyan and Ethiopian coffee, both only of the highest standards. When you buy Woodsmoke coffee you are assured that the beans are fresh, as all coffee roasted more than 14 days old is discarded. Woodsmoke coffee makes for a great gift.

There are 3 golden laws to enjoying great coffee:

Only buy coffee that has been roasted within 14 days.
Only buy beans. Coffee loses its flavor 5 minutes after it’s ground.
Buy African Coffee.

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