Make this a Coffee Christmas

If you have been to a Woodsmoke Evening in the last few months I am sure that you have tried the greatest coffee coming out of Africa – Woodsmoke Coffee. This Christmas I ask you to make it a Coffee Christmas and give Woodsmoke Coffee to your friends and family. Coffee is a small gift that is easy on the wallet but lends to much emotion and joy. When you give, we also give:

“These Beans have Means. It costs only $450 to put an African child through school for a year, 5 percent of every Woodsmoke coffee purchase goes to educating African coffee farmers’ children. Buy some great coffee today and help us give our farmers’ children a chance to a brighter future.

What set’s Woodsmoke Coffee apart is that our beans are roasted the day you order the coffee. Freshly roasted coffee is the key to enjoying amazing coffee. Coffee that is found in grocery stores is typically 6 months old – that is why it has a flat taste and which is masked by being bitter. Great coffee should not be bitter!

Woodsmoke has two types of coffee to purchase this year:

Ethiopian Dry Processed Sidamo

Sturdy and robust, the Ethiopian dry processed Sidamo has a smooth, clean aroma with noticeable depths of berries and a hint of Jasmine. The coffee is roasted in Nebraska the same day it is ordered for maximum freshness and flavor. Click here to purchase a give a child in Africa the chance to a brighter future. You give & we give.

Kenyan Roast

Clean, fresh taste that brightens the darkest of mornings with rich overtones, a hint of red wine, slight citrus, and ends off with long notes of caramelized sugars. Click here to purchase and give a child in Africa the chance to a brighter future. You give & we give.

Siyabonga (We Thank You!)

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