About Woodsmoke

Woodsmoke is the love, longing, and pull that Africa has on our hearts.  Woodsmoke is the smell of Africa just before a heavy rain, the never ending sunsets, and the wildness and freedom that only Africa can offer.  Woodsmoke lives in us and will keep pulling us back to Africa.

Our mission is to To bring the Woodsmoke of Africa to the West through our products, service, and people –while helping to create sustainability in Africa through education.  In Africa access to education is not as widely enjoyed as in the US, and decent schooling is only available to a select few.  At Woodsmoke, we’ve established an educational trust to allow more African children the opportunity of learning, and 5 percent of all purchases will go towards this trust.

Why Education?

  • Without an education there is no hope in life, no matter how hard you work the plain fact is that if you do not have an education you do not have much chance in life.
  • Africa does not need aid, they need trade. Fair Trade in Africa can only happen once the youth are educated to make smart economic and business decisions.  This is lead by obtaining a good education so that they can vote in good leaders and make choices based on sustainable trade ideals.
  • Africa needs sustainability and that comes through educating the youth.  The old proverb goes; “give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.”  This is what Africa needs; they need to be able to trade with the world on a basis where they understand the outcome of their decisions.

Siyabonga (We thank you),

Sean Coetzee, President