How Can You Help

ONE: Host A Woodsmoke Event. You can host an event either at your work, home, or favourite meeting place.  You bring your friends and we will bring the wine, coffee, and African art.  I will come and tell you the story of Woodsmoke and what we are trying to do with education in Africa.  You will get some free products for hosting the event as well.

TWO: Resell Woodsmoke Scarves. The Woodsmoke scarves have a powerful story behind them and basically sell themselves because of what a trendy product they are.  You can become a independent salesman for Woodsmoke and we will give you 15 percent commission on every scarf sold.  You will be able to be a part of a small growing company that has a meaning behind it.  Feel free to email us at to find out more information.

THREE: Find us a Retailer. Woodsmoke picks its retailers very carefully.  If you know of a shop that would work well with our brand let us know.  If it is a good fit we will throw you a nice finders fee.

FOUR: Blog / Twitter / Facebook about 258 To EDUCATE. We will send you a free scarf for a mention of Woodsmoke scarves.  All you have to do is show us proof that you did it and send us your mailing address.

Let us know how you can help to make a change in the lives of artists and their families in Africa.  Email us