Partnerships in Africa


The Urban Grounds team is passionate about fair trade and relationship coffees and are always seeking out ways to keep their business as local as possible. From tree to cup they are involved in fair trade initiatives with their farmers. You won’t find beans roasted in Italy here, they are trying to expose South Africans to the great artisan coffee roasters right here in our own country. Kristy comments, “Freshness is so important to us, that’s why we don’t serve beans older than 14 days from roasting. By using South African roasters, we can achieve the freshness and quality that we want.”

Woodsmoke has very similar views to Urban Grounds in terms of their fair trade policies and working with local farmers.  Woodsmoke and Urban Grounds are working together to help create sustainability in Africa.


The Children’s Resiliency Project is a research-based, non-profit foundation that exists to increase the quality of life for AIDS-affected orphans providing them Christian parents, a home, a church and community-based organization.

Woodsmoke is currently in the early stages of providing these children with the skills to make crafts and develop their business skills.  This will help to create sustainability for themselves and their families.
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