Work With Sean

For an African Woodsmoke Evening

Woodsmoke is the love, longing, and pull that Africa has on heart!  Woodsmoke holds events across the United States to celebrate the greatness of Africa.  Africa has a beat like no place on earth.  We bring this beat to your establishment for a night and bring you new customers, goodwill, and create a PR buzz since Africa is hot in the media right now..  To find out more about a Woodsmoke evening click HERE.

To Consult on Social Media / Brand Strategy

Sean is of the social media generation – he gets it from beginning to end.  From the next generation of consumers to all the new platforms he is currently using.  If you need help on Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr / WordPress then Sean is your guy to help.  Sean built up the brand of Wodsmoke from scratch and loves helping companies / people to get the most out of their brands.  He will show you how to create ROI with social media.

Willing to help: Business’s who want to maximize their social media potential, and anyone else who needs a little help with how this all really works.  A little bit goes a long way.  Call Sean for some help: 402.617.5675. or email at

“Throw some passion in the mix, a good idea, and know how to use the tools of social media and you can propel any brand.”  Sean Coetzee, Founder Woodsmoke

To Consult on Coffee

Sean is a coffee addict and loves everything about coffee from bean to cup.  He is well connected in the coffee industry and loves to help coffee shops build there brands.  He has worked with Urban Grounds in South Africa and a few other coffee shops.

To Speak at an Event

Sean loves public speaking and letting people what he has learned from giving up a dead end job on the beach to pursuing his passion against all the odds.  He would be happy to speak to classes, businesses, schools, universities, or to be the MC of an event that you would like to host.  Call Sean and he will bring the passion!

Topics he likes to speak about: Africa, Creating Sustainability in Africa, Pursuing your passion, Woodsmoke, 258 To EDUCATE, creating ROI through social media.

For a Private South African Wine Event

Sean loves Africa and is passionate about South African wine.  Woodsmoke will bring a wide array of high-end, boutique South African wines to your house for a special tasting for you and your friends.  He will educate you on the history of South African wine, tasting notes, and will educate you on safari opportunities in Africa.  Invite Sean and he will bring the wine, African music, and a great time.

For Media Request / Interview

For general media inquiries or to schedule an interview with Sean Coetzee, please contact his PR team at

To contact Sean email or call 402.617.5675.

Sean Coetzee & Woodsmoke Artist

Sean Coetzee & Woodsmoke Artist