Olive Wood Salad Tongs

Large Salad Tongs

Small Set: 10 ½ inches long & 3 inches wide
Big Set: 11 ½ inches long & 3 ½ inches wide


This elegant and functional set of salad servers would make a practical addition to any kitchen. The set of spoon and fork are handcrafted from wild Olive Wood, grown naturally in Kenya. The handles are inlaid with cow horn, adorned in traditional African designs. The simple addition of the horn to the handles gives the servers a distinctive and modern look. The curvature of the spoon and fork places visual emphasis on the clear, golden grain of the wood. The appearance of the servers will change slightly with wear and use, however being crafted from solid pieces of work they are sturdy and enduring and will only be enhanced by use. Due to the fact each of these objects are handcrafted by traditional artisans in Kenya each set will be unique.
Woodsmoke is putting this artist’s children through school with every purchase of salad tongs that you make.

Meet the Artisan